Glimpse of a Library

I’m currently working with the venerable Prof. Botsch on The Polygon Mesh Processing Library, an improved and extended version our Surface_mesh data structure including a more versatile geometry representation as well as a collection of canonical geometry processing algorithms. Highlights include:

  • Flexible data structures for point sets, edge sets, and surface meshes including dynamic property handling and topological changes.
  • Implementations of classical geometry processing algorithms such as surface remeshing, simplification, or smoothing.
  • Visualization utilities based on OpenGL® for rapid prototyping.
  • A liberal 3-clause BSD license allowing for academic, open-source, and commercial usage.

On top of this, the library can be easily compiled into JavaScript™ using emscripten and can be used to create browser-based applications as demonstrated here.

If you are curious, check out the homepage at and the corresponding GitHub project. Keep in mind, however, there’s no official release yet. Things are still in flux and might change quite a bit. Early feedback is more than welcome. If you’ve got any comments or suggestions, please drop me a mail or submit an issue.